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You have already signed your loan contract and finalized the procedure with your bank for your new loan? You now only need to provide the name of your acting notary to the bank for your refinance to be completed. Once your bank will have sent us your file, we will contact you in the best delays to set up your appointment.

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A will is the document in which you designate those who will inherit your estate. Without a will, it is the law that determines not only who will inherit, but in which proportions and unfortunately, this can have unpleasant consequences. For instance, common law partner have no rights whatsoever in each other’s estate, even if they’ve been sharing their lives for multiple years.

A notarized will also has many advantages, among others, the fact that it is valid in its own right. Indeed, in contrary to other types of wills, the notarized will does not need to be verified through a court procedure, which can be long and costly for your loved ones.

To have peace of mind for yourself and for your loved ones, as well as to protect your assets, contact us for the drafting and reception of your will

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The settlement of an estate is a process that is long, technical and emotional. The help of a professional in the field, your notary, is hence highly recommended to navigate through the many steps of the process.

We can help you understand implications such as the solvency of an estate, the obligations and responsibilities of the liquidator as well as the different steps and theirs delays, .

Furthermore, some documents necessary for the settlement of an estate must be received in notarized form, which makes your notary a natural ally in each step of the process.

It is not necessary to be married to be sharing someone else’s life. However, one must not forget that without marriage, you do not benefit of certain protections reserved to married couples.

Our team of notaries will gladly inform you of the consequences, both civil and fiscal, of being common law partners and will guide you through the different tools that may be beneficial to you, whether it is a contract or a will.

A power of attorney is a document by which you authorize another person to act in your name. You may want to give a power of attorney if you are out of town or too busy to sign yourself the document in question, among other reasons.

A power of attorney can be general or specific. The general power of attorney gives broad powers to your « attorney », or representant, whereas the specific concerns particular actions your attorney may accomplish in your name (ex: sell your house).

If you think you may need a power of attorney, contact us for more information.

The protective mandate is the document that allows you to choose the person(s) who will take care of you and of your assets if you ever become legally incapable.

In case of incapacity, a tutor must be designated to represent you (different protective regimes exist). Without a protective mandate, it is the dispositions of the Civil Code of Quebec that apply for this designation, and the whole court procedure can be very long and costly. The protective mandate hence allows you to choose the person(s) who will take care of you but also to regulate their powers.

If you are thinking of writing your protective mandate, contact us!

  • Note however that the protective mandate is not automatically enforceable in the event of the incapacity. For your own protection, the law imposes that it must first be homologated in order to establish that you are, indeed, incapable.

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To most people, the purchase of a property is a big financial step. To have peace of mind, nothing compares to the expertise of a competent and diligent notary.

Whether it is to buy a house, a condo, a plex or even a commercial building, do not hesitate to contact us!

Sous-section “The purchase of property: The steps”:

The process starts once you have an accepted promise to purchase in hand.

If you are buying with a financing, the next step will be to shop for a mortgage, at which moment a mortgage broker may be helpful.

Once you will have found the appropriate financing and signed the loan contract with your bank, you will be asked by the bank to provide the name of the notary you wish to mandate for your transaction. It’s only at this moment that your bank will transfer us the necessary documents.

Please note that the initial loan approval you may have obtained does not constitute a document we can use for your transaction. To be able to proceed with your transaction, your bank must send us its mortgage instructions.

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Whether you are a private lender or someone who wants to borrow money from such an entity, it is possible that you want to attach a guarantee, such as a real estate hypothec, a moveable hypothec or even a matching hypothec. a bond. For your custom mortgage writing needs, contact us.

If you have a mortgage that you have finished repaying, you will probably want this debt to be officially removed from the land register as well. Indeed, the refund does not operate the official cancellation of the mortgage. Delisting is done through an act of discharge or release, usually prepared and published by a notary.

The notary, being a public officer, has the competency to celebrate marriages and civil unions.

If you wish to get married and need a celebrant who will be bale to displace himself to the place of your ceremony, whether it is a week day or on the weekend, do not hesitate to contact us.

Also note that we will meet you before the day of the celebration to fill out the necessary documents, but also to explain the legal implications of being married, which is an advantage of having a celebrant who has a legal advisor.