Some situations require a document to be “notarized,” i.e. certified by a notary. As a public officer, the notary has the power to authenticate a solemn declaration.

The swearing of an oath gives more legal weight to a signed declaration. t must be done in person, as the notary must verify your identity by means of two supporting documents. The notary then validates your ability to sign the document in question. Finally, the notary has you swear the oath and certifies the authenticity of your declaration by indicating their name and the place of signature.

Situations in which you may need to have a document authenticated or a copy certified include:

  • A child travelling with only one parent or with an adult who is not a family member
  • Obtaining a passport
  • Providing certain documents to the government, e.g. a marriage certificate
  • Selling a property abroad
  • Etc.

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