Notaries are first and foremost jurists (experts in matters of law). Like lawyers, they have a bachelor’s degree in law, but they also hold a professional master’s in notarial law. A notary deals with legal issues that affect your everyday life. They can offer you legal advice in their various areas of expertise, including:

Your notary’s legal advice can help you avoid potential conflicts and complications. It can also help you resolve various legal problems that might prevent you from achieving your goals.


Are you about to sign a contract and want to make sure it’s fair, legal and representative of the agreement reached with the other party? s “agreement legal experts,” notaries are qualified to review contracts in order to anticipate potential disputes. It’s a good idea to call on your notary’s expertise for legal advice on contracts or matters of concern to you.

If you want to prevent possible deadlocks or seek the advice of a legal professional on a particular topic of concern, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We will be happy to offer our support and help you make informed decisions.