Buying a property? Congratulations! As you may know, purchasing a home requires the services of a notary to ensure that the financing and transfer of ownership are in accordance with all laws and regulations. Our team will take care of your file from start to finish, keeping you well informed throughout the process.

What does a notary do when you buy a house or other type of property?

When the terms and conditions of the promise to purchase have been met, the notary can begin processing the file. The notary acts as an impartial jurist and public officer, ensuring that all agreements, conditions and the interests of all parties are respected, and all formalities required by law are fulfilled.

Note that, in most cases, it is the buyer who chooses the notary.

Notary fees for buying a real estate property cover the following:

  • Examining the titles of ownership
  • Verifying the certificate of location
  • Verifying the agreements made between the parties
  • Verifying mortgage instructions and that conditions imposed by the creditor are fulfilled
  • Calculating distributions, including municipal and school taxes
  • Drafting the deed of sale, having it signed and published
  • Drafting the mortgage deed, having it signed and published
  • Convening meetings of the parties involved to explain all details and obtain signatures in the presence of everyone
Notary buying a home

In addition to all this, your notary acts as a legal advisor. They guide you through every step, ensuring your questions are answered and your interests are protected. They also advise you on the specifics of your transaction, if needed, and help you navigate the process.

For more information on property purchases, read our blog article on the topic, which details each step in a clear and simple way.

Notary buying a home

The AP Notaires difference

Our team is made up of administrative assistants, paralegals, legal experts and other collaborators. Each person specializes in a specific area of your file. This means that every step of your real estate purchase is handled meticulously by someone who knows the requirements inside out. A unique, efficient service with a proven track record.

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Notary buying a home